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Lauren and Ryan Highlight

What a marvelous day to go to the beach and celebrate love. These two chose to tie the knot on the beautiful sands of Jekyll Island, island of turtles. Ryan always loved Jekyll Island, and after bringing Lauren to explore she soon fell in love with it, too. They both wanted a beach wedding, so it worked out perfectly. Ryan and Laurens two Chihuahuas, Savannah and Roxie loved it too! Ryan and Lauren took a vacation to Conchal Beach, Costa Rica and Ryan assured Lauren that he would NOT be proposing on this trip. Come to find out, Ryan had Lauren’s engagement ring right in Lauren’s backpack and pulled it out on Conchal Beach to propose! Lauren’s mother Rachel is super creative, and designed the invitations, decorations and flowers for the wedding including beautiful colors of ivory, pink, green, and grey. Hair and makeup was on point done by Fantasy Hair & Makeup. The bottom of Lauren’s wedding dress was actually a piece from her mothers wedding dress when she married Lauren’s father. Leah Adkins Photography & Labif Filmhouse caught all the love and special moments. Everything ran seamlessly thanks to the wedding planning of Sun and Sea Weddings .

Lisa and Nate Highlight

Lisa and Nate first encountered each other as teenagers in Tampa while Nate and his buddies were out skateboarding, and Lisa and her friends were on the hunt for some cool skateboarders to hang with. Lisa and Nate met, exchanged some words, and Nate and his buddies were on their way to the next skate park. Years later, Lisa and Nate crossed paths once again. They both remembered crossing paths when they were teenagers. Nate knew he wanted to marry Lisa from their second date. Nate proposed to his dream girl at the same skate park that they met at as teenagers. It was love at first sight all over again, when Lisa stepped into Poynter Park on their wedding day. This venue was made for bohemian, modern weddings and those were the exact vibes that were brought out for these two on their special day. Rose Garden Florist added stunning arrangements everywhere, adding plant greenery with ivory colors and textures to every nook and cranny of this already gorgeous venue. The vernal colors, the sparkly details, and all the cozy decor, we aren’t joking when we tell you this wedding gave us heart eyes! The cherry on top had to be Lisa’s incredible dress and no detail was left unattended.  Labif Filmhouse & Kera Photography captured it all brilliantly if we might say so ourselves!

Final Cut Pro 2019-04-25 20-33-57.jpg
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JoAnn and Bob Highlight

It was a beautiful Friday in Winter Park, Florida. We had the privilege of filming JoAnn and Bob’s wedding at the beautiful venue Casa Feliz. It is a place with a romantic setting with a bit of history, it shows because it has roots just like JoAnn and Bob.

JoAnn and Bob found Labif Filmhouse (The best wedding videography company in Tampa) on The Knot.

The colors of the wedding were so intriguing. They were beautiful bright peacock colors. That’s the artistic side of JoAnn. Everything from the flowers to the invitations were just gorgeous.

Fun little fact about JoAnn and Bob, JoAnn has 2 chihuahuas. Their names are Max and Dante and Bob has a Havanese, and his name is Raffy.

JoAnn and Bob are just two souls that found love the second time around after their spouses unfortunately lost their fight with cancer. They were just good friends when love unexpectedly came. The proposal was short and sweet. Never take love for granted, cherish and love till the end of your journey as they did before.

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