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JoAnn and Bob Highlight

It was a beautiful Friday in Winter Park, Florida. We had the privilege of filming JoAnn and Bob’s wedding at the beautiful venue Casa Feliz. It is a place with a romantic setting with a bit of history, it shows because it has roots just like JoAnn and Bob.

JoAnn and Bob found Labif Filmhouse (The best wedding videography company in Tampa) on The Knot.

The colors of the wedding were so intriguing. They were beautiful bright peacock colors. That’s the artistic side of JoAnn. Everything from the flowers to the invitations were just gorgeous.

Fun little fact about JoAnn and Bob, JoAnn has 2 chihuahuas. Their names are Max and Dante and Bob has a Havanese, and his name is Raffy.

JoAnn and Bob are just two souls that found love the second time around after their spouses unfortunately lost their fight with cancer. They were just good friends when love unexpectedly came. The proposal was short and sweet. Never take love for granted, cherish and love till the end of your journey as they did before.

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